Hair Pack for Soft, Glowing, Anti-Dandruff, Silky and Healthy Hair.

Before two days ago, I have posted my photo on FB and Instagram and I getting good compliments for my hair. I have been asked by few ladies about hair pack I use. So, today for the first time I am sharing the hair pack on my blog. I hope you all would like to use it too. This hair pack will enrich your hair and gives you shiny, silky, soft and anti-dandruff hair. Regular use of this hair pack will help you prevent hair fall too. The ingredients are easily available either in the market or in the kitchen. Both male and female can use this hair pack. Quantity I am sharing is for the shoulder length hair you may add or deduct as per your hair length.

List of ingredients

1) Vitamin E Gel capsule (4 capsules) I use Evion 400 Vitamin E capsule. You may use good quality of vitamin E oil instead of it but if have or you could get this capsule it would be very good.

2) Glycerine (1 teaspoon) easily available on grocery shop.

3) Neem Oil (1 teaspoon) if you don’t have or you couldn’t get than you make take neem power too.

4) Apple Cider Vinegar (4 teaspoons) easily available at the grocery shop.

5) Castrol Oil (1 teaspoon) easily available at the grocery shop.

6) Aloe Vera Gel Fresh (2 tablespoons) if you don’t have fresh you may buy it from the market easily available. Even you can buy it from Patanjali Store.

7) Aloe Vera Oil (1 teaspoon) it is optional.

8) Veg. Mayonnaise (4 tablespoons) it has a good benefit. Easily available at any grocery store.

9) Shikakai Power (1 teaspoon) a very good and beneficial ingredient.

10) Coffee Powder (1 teaspoon) a very good and beneficial ingredient.

Mix all ingredients well and make it as gravy form. Leave the pack for 15 minutes aside so that all the ingredients mix well. After 15 min applies it on your hair from the root until the end of your hair. Keep it for one and half hours on your hair and then wash it with any mild shampoo and conditioner. I got a very good result in first use. Try it twice and thrice a week for best and healthy hair… Keep smiling guys. Please comment your result here. Waiting for your result…


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