“Feminism isn’t about man versus woman” -Mira Rajput Kapoor and I agree.

Recently, Mira Rajput Kapoor spoke at gathering on the event of International Women’s Day. Where she shared and talked about Feminism, Motherhood and being a homemaker. Talking about Feminism she said, “Feminism isn’t about man versus woman, it’s about equality.” While talking about motherhood she said that what is important is being healthy, a healthy mother. She has been asked about working she has not uttered a single bad word for working woman. In fact, she said about her personal life, her upbringing and how she and her sisters have been raised and it seems she was feeling proud and why shouldn’t she? I have seen her complete interview. I have heard what she said and all that have been said were very encouraging and something new to heard about feminism.

She has been criticized and trolled by social media on her statement “I wouldn’t want to spend one hour with Misha  (Mira and Shahid’s daughter) and then rush off to work, why did I have her? Misha is not a puppy. I want to be there for her” some women have written an open letter to Mira, some of fans/persons have been trolled her by twitting jokes, some of them have praised her too. Here Mira’s Intention just wants to say that she doesn’t want to treat her baby like a puppy and what’s wrong in it? Even I don’t want to treat my son like a puppy. I am a lawyer; I am a working woman I have given break to my career after the birth of my son. He is now of 2 and a half. We all know that how we treat a pet at home? Especially when all members are working, Generally, Pets have been handed over to maid/servant/caretaker and we do spend a little time with them in another word I would say “when we get free from work.” Aren’t we? So, what’s wrong if she said so.?

We love to take pride of titles, mother, wife, daughter etc… but when it comes to doing our titles we talk about being independent and equality. Few of women’s said that they want to set down to an example to her daughter to be working and independent like them that is the reason that they are working. I say that most of from us know and also have seen our mother being homemaker/housewives and we all are working and independent aren’t we? I have stopped working after my son’s birth I will start again until he turns to 5 or I may not even start if he needs me forever. Nothing wrongs in it. IT’S OKEY if you aren’t working or you stopped working for awhile. Being multitasking is also good but it’s not good if it’s just because you want to set an example if it so then you are dependable. Let’s take pride of feminism completely by saying the “Feminism isn’t man versus woman.” Don’t ever cry over scarifies you have done or either stop scarifying.



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