Men always need and cares for foxy body? 

Last night, had a conversation with one of my friend over whatsapp. She was complaining about her husband that she ain’t look foxy as she was looking before few years ago and that’s why her husband is no longer loves and cares for her. She was crying over her secrifies she has done for her husband. Her last lines left deep impression in my mind “Men only need and cares  for foxy body, once your beauty starts feding,  so does his love starts feding out too.”

I was unable to sleep after that conversation. However,  I manged to sleep with those last lines.

Early in the morning,

I woke up,  went to bathroom, freshen up and while was wiping my face I looked into  a mirror and started observing my skin and was trying to find wrinkles if any?  I questioned myself “do I look the same? Suddenly I smiled and came out of the bathroom. I saw my hubby sleeping. He was in a deep sleep. He wasn’t looking the same too.  He is also having white hair,  his skin also feding. He has put some weight too.  He is not fit as he was before. His charming face has changed too.  Does it mean that I don’t love him anymore??  No,  I love him today too and I love him more than before.

Man has feelings too.  He is also getting older. He has responsibilities too.  He has done many secrifices too.  He has dream too.  If I am getting older than he is also getting older. He also get hurts.

Why are we carrying a mentality that woman has do so much secrifices. she is the symbol of love. she deserves respect.she is mother , daughter, wife, etc..  So does the Man too. He is a father,  husband,  son etc..

We women and men are sharing equal responsibilities. We both get hurt. In fact our society always criticised man for being failure and always boost a women for the same reason.  Why such injustice?  Now say who carries much burden?

Wake up, he needs you too.  It’s not our feding beauty which leads him to snatching away from us, it’s our lack of understanding only. Even today he needs you. Please don’t ignore him.  Love him and  respect him too..  Let’s bring togetherness in relationships.



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