How victim has been made culprit!!

Today morning I was seeing  my facebook memories of the day.  I have posted my wedding album before 3-4 years back. Some of them are so beautiful and I lost in sweet memories. I shared few of them. Notification was on its way I. E. Like, comment,  and I have seen a notification that someone has shared my photo and it was without my permission. I have got lil bit upset and angry because same thing has been done twice with me and have requested in general not to share my personal photos. This time I have decided to take some actions. I have taken screen shot of that post and tag that person and say to delete my photo and not to share it without my permission.  I did this with a reason that in future no one will share my personal photos.  Huh, after posting few of from friend list has supported and most of them messeeged me:

“you should not add such people”

“madam it’s OK your photo was good”

“should we like yours photos or not😂😂😂 Or we should take permission for even liking”

“as a girl we should keep restriction in adding people”

“don’t upload photos people don’t understand”

And blah blah messages.

I was wondering that was that really my fault that I have added someone whom I was not knowing that he gonna share my photos like this.

Was that my fault that I posted and say to delete my photo?

Why should everyone questioned me?

Or I should allow to post my photos?

Why they say me what to do or not to do? Belive me I didn’t ask anyone to help me out.

I was upset that how people made a victim a culprit. It reminds me of incidents happened where people made victim a culprit. There number of incidents where people made victim a culprit.



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